Tuesday, April 26, 2016

General update

We have been working on several topics simultaneously.
Measuring the bell-housing, schematics for the car, battery, control logic.

Microscribe GX2
I worked out a deal, if I can get it to work, I may measure my bell-housing... It is a very outdated arm, and the power supply was missing and the license for the software expired, but we found parts to make it work.

Above is the point cloud we generated, and then the surfaces we created so we can create the adapter that will go between the transmission and the motor.

We opened the battery with the help of a fiend from Wisconsin.  We will split the pack into 3 physical groups.  The tall group on the right will go under the rear seat, the top groups will go against the firewall, and the lower groups will either be over the motor, or in front of the motor.
The white plates over the right pack are heaters. there are a total of 6 heaters in the pack that I have found so far.

The pre-charge and main contactor, the white ceramic in-between seems to be the pre-charge resistor.

We looked inside the motor controller, those capacitors are about 1.75"x4".  The 3 IGBT's are hidden underneath of them, and mounted directly to the large aluminum water-filled cooling housing.
We are looking at the lights that are already in the dash that we can now use for other things.   The oil pressure light is the only unused.  We will re-purpose the temperature light to match the max temp for the motor and controller.  The temp gauge will also be re-scaled for the motor and controller, both of which are water cooled.  We will either need to add, or find another light to monitor the vacuum for the brakes.
The original brake switch and accelerator will be used, I had not realized it was a drive by wire car, this makes things easier.

I/O required for the DMOC adapter
Charge control is missing?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Another recycle yard run happened today.

400 miles, two cut tie-down straps, a smashed finger, and a check engine light later, we got home with a battery!

Add to the inventory, one Nissan Leaf 2013 Battery pack and the connectors to go with it.  Thank you to Wolftronix's extensive technical posts, and Kevin at ModernImports.com for putting up with us while we figured out if the battery was still viable.  It is sitting at 3.90V ±0.05 per module.
P.S. they have the motor/inverter/transmission/charger assembly sitting in the warehouse now too if you need one, and its host Leaf still in the yard in pretty bad shape, but parts can be had...airbags were deployed.

Next task, connect the battery, motor, DMOC, and adapter together to make sure it all works before mounting in the car.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Modeling the motor bay and parts in CAD.

We spent part o the weekend measuring the motor bay on the Golf, and modeling parts.  I anyone knows the actual dimensions for any of the parts, I am happy to share the finished CAD models with you after your dimension updates.

The thin orange slots you can see are the bottoms of the mounts that I will need to create an adapter plate to get up to.  The good news is it looks like it can be a flat plate on the end of the motor.

This is the rendition of the adapter plate so far, the thickness is not yet determined.  The red outline represents the motor, the orange represents the approximate CV joint location.  A bit more accurate measurement will need to occur, finding a flat spot on the transmission housing to measure from has proven challenging.  The good news is I can rotate the motor to get clearance, and then will need to build a tipped mounting plate for the back end of the motor and invertor.  Also included in the plate are a hole for the dowel pin on the motor, 2 holes for the through dowel pins from the transmission, counter bores for most of the bolt heads, and a central lip to align the plate to the motor housing.

Anyone with a set of accurate dimensions for a 2003 VW gas Golf or Jetta 5 speed watercooled transmission bell housing please speak up.