Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Rear battery box scans and progress up front.

It took 3 days to for the scanning computer to crunch numbers.  It did not come anywhere close.  We did figure out that the save all scans button hand scrolled off screen, and we were able to save the 88 scans.  After almost two weeks of stitching scans together by hand, this is what we have.

You can see that we were able to get three larger sections completed in the scanner tool software.  The software loaded everything to memory, our 32 GB of memory was right at the edge and the system could not handle all three sections at once.  All the group scans were "fused" and then exported to .obj files that ProE could import.  Alignment in ProE is very difficult.  I am not convinced this effort will yield any usable results as we note many misaligned edges that appear to be out of place by 6 -10 mm.

In the mean time we also worked on the front batteries.  First thing, install a hoist...  We were given a free sling track usually used to hoist patients from a chair into a bath.  Rated at more than 500# and with 5' of travel this took an extra day to install, but we did not need to lift the completed pack.

Reaching up to install the bolts that tie the pack down to the frame.
This pack slid back to the other and was also bolted in.  The original Leaf wiring and bus bars were used.  The large orange loom at the right goes to the Leaf BMS.  The short orange is for the heaters one at the front of the packs and one at the rear.  The black loom is for the temp sensors.

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