Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bus bars for front battery box and still working on the rear box

Front battery box bus bars and BMS monitoring harness.
We were able to reuse the bus bars and connectors from the Leaf pack.  These connectors came from the front Leaf packs so there is an intermediate harness between these and the BMS.  By moving only ONE pin in the intermediate harness and ONE wire in these harness we were able to duplicate the LEAF BMS connection Pattern.  YEAH!

Since our pack has 22 modules in the front and 26 in the rear we will need to splice ~4 wires with a connector from the rear harness into the front intermediate harness.  MUCH cleaner than we had hoped.  YEAH!

Starting work on the rear battery box again.  It will be a tight fit and a friend had access to a DAVID scanner.  This system works by projecting a series of known patterns onto a surface and using the camera to image the pattern the computer can figure out the shapes... we'll see.

So far today we have taken ~100 scans of the undercarriage.  That is to say 50, what the... @#$%$#

Well plug the computer back in... and 50 more... The computer has been working on stitching it together for several hours now.

Scanning Lessons:
A. During a scan the save button is not available. Therefore if you do not finish a scan sequence successfully all scans of that session are lost.
B. It puts it ALL in RAM therefore stuff the machine with RAM or you will thrash the disk.
C. It is not meant to take scans of large objects in close proximity. The depth of field generated by the projector blurs within inches at close distance. This would have worked much better if we were able to place the car on a lift at 5 ft. from the projector so the variation in depth of the pan by 6 inches would be small compared to the distance, but we are 13" from the pan varying by 6" and therefore significantly pushing the limit of the projection resolution.
D. Markers with slight depth are better than stickers.
E. When it is done scanning it should beep or have the projector flash so you know when to move to the next location if you cannot see the screen.
F. Power interrupted = lose everything. See [A] and [B]
Scans to be posted in a couple of days.
Day 2 still crunching

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