Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Productive weekend

Made the charger port connection.

Hopefully installed the Z-bars for the last time.  Sprayed some WD-40  into it to prevent rust.  Beveled and capped the ends.

You can see that the gearshift has been reinstalled and the vacuum pump has been mounted under the center of the I-beam.  Joshua has given us a vacuum reservoir from a VW Scirocco that will likely go in the drivers side wheel well.  And the control plan for the vacuum pump is to find a CAN based MAP sensor that will be used to control the pump relay and to throw a dash light if the vacuum fails.

Made a plate to cover the starter port on the transmission.
Removed an ear from the transmission as well next to the starter port for clearance to the I-beam.
You can see the vacuum pump clamped to the I-beam, it has rubber pads above and below the I-beam to isolate it from the frame.

Stuffed the first battery box.
11 Modules laid out for test and installation
It has been 1.5 years since these were charged.
They seem to be holding very evenly.
Perfect fit!
The heater and thermocouple wires are visible.
Just a wee overweight.  Original estimate was 100lbs,
A heavier gage metal was used to make the box,
and the cells with the brackets weigh more too...
The studs will be connected with rails to prevent movement near the bus bars.  The bottom of each studded module is bolted to the bottom of the box.  There are also 4 rods through the modules to transfer load from the non-studded modules to the studded modules.

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