Thursday, May 4, 2017

Finding data on the pumps that need to be mounted to the I-beam [Vacuum Pump]

Vacuum pump

This pump was for the Ford Transit Connect electric vehicles. Ford part # A426C.

Voltage: 12V
Full Load Current: 12 Amps
Continuous Current: 8 Amps
Vacuum: 25+ in of hg
Vacuum Port Size: 3/8 Inch Hose Barb
Weight: 2.7 kg

Data I am still looking for:

Which way is up? Does this pump have a preference as to which way it is mounted in the car? Does anyone have installation instructions, or maintenance requirements? It is oiled?

I will mount it with the motor up and the breather down.  Thus as it sucks wet air through it any condensate will hopefully migrate out rather than into the motor.

This pump will be placed in front of the I-beam near the center.  It will be hard mounted to a plate, the plate will sit on a rubber pad on the I-beam for vibration isolation.  The plate will be held in place by a pair of square u-bolts sandwiching the I-beam.

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