Friday, April 7, 2017

Battery frame progress

The I-Beam front support member of the battery frame was fitted last night.  Hopefully it warms up enough today to put some paint on it so we can weld it in fully along with the rest of the frame soon.

A donation to the cause a friend has shared a cut-off saw.  A little maintenance, fresh wires, oil, and a fresh blade made it cut like butter!  Manufactured in 1941! We found the thread standards in 1941 must not quite have matched today's standards when replacing some of the frame bolts.

I-beam test fit.  It will be welded at both ends to the main car frame.  It will have the battery frame set on top of it and the DMOC.  The A/C compressor, water pumps, vacuum pump, and steering pump will be hung from it.
Battery box with side holes for the battery compression rods.

Battery box with lower holes for battery and battery frame attachment.

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