Monday, March 27, 2017

Battery boxes and support frame build.

We ordered metal and have been working to get the boxes made and frame complete.  This has been a productive weekend.
If you want more explanation just ask in the comments, the pictures seem to be enough for most folks.

Mock-up of battery boxes

Donation of a cut-off saw to the project.  Blades are on order, apparently the standard size used in 1941 is not standard today.

Battery frame pieces cut to shape.
Taped together for a test fit.

Tack weld together.  OH, AND another donation of an old stick welder!           

Battery boxes welded up.  10 of 11 modules shown, 11 modules do fit, we checked.  Next step here to drill 13 holes for holding the batteries in place and paint orange.
Firewall plate fit check, a bit more cutting and grinding to go on this plate.
The A/C drain hose will come out where the two holes in the middle are, and The right corner will be removed to allow for the re-installation of the shifter.
Last test fit before welding the frame in place.
If you look near the top center of the picture you can just see the corner of the license plates that arrived last week.  $18/year!
AND YES! The hood still closes with a full inch to spare.

Everything fits, we will get some pictures of the complete battery frame after the firewall plate is trimmed and front I-beam is welded in. 

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