Monday, October 10, 2016

Still on the battery boxes

The fitting of all the batteries in the car is proving a little challenging as the fits are very close to the car dimension limits.  We have been building prototype cardboard boxes to represent the parts and stacking the system together.

We have concluded in the interest of getting the car moving yet this year we will build the front battery box first as opposed to the original plan to build the rear box first.  In placing the rear box we would need to cut the floor plate and reroute some brake lines.  The front box will influence the placement of many of the electrical components in the motor bay.

YES, I KNOW the image is too wide, but the blog would not let me make a clickable expansion that I figured out and otherwise it was too small to read anything.

The current configuration has 2x11module top facing vertical stacks for 22 modules in the front pack leaving 26 modules or the rear pack.  The new development allowing us to build half the pack now is Wolftronix has figured out how to control the Nissan Leaf BMS by replacing a chip, allowing less than 48 modules to be safely monitored and controlled.

We hope to complete the 3D design of the front box and order material yet this week.   Check back soon for images of the design.

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