Friday, July 1, 2016

Welding and machining complete of motor mounting hardware.

Motor mounting plate welded and bolted.  Still needs some grinding on the weld to clean it up.

Spline coupler welded to the old clutch plate, mounted, bolted and thread locked to the motor.  The welding turned out better than expected the second time.  (There is a story here, check orientation before welding...)

Adapter plate plate ready to receive the motor.

We will be putting the motor in for the second and last time this weekend!  By Monday turning the motor will turn the wheels!  Maybe even a video of the install.  Anyone out there have a favorite free software for creating time-lapse videos coming off a Samsung galaxy running cyanogenmod?

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  1. Depends on what you are looking for timelape over how long?
    -Hyperlapse is a free app (from Instagram) that is pretty good, but I've found I run out of time on it pretty quickly based on storage space (because it allows you to modify the speed later) and I think it is 1080p which fills up my free space quick.

    -The inboard iOS (sorry) "Timelapse" in the camera bins frames logarythmically so it ends up staying ~30seconds long no matter how long you file, which might be good/bad depending on action.

    -You might be best recording it all at a low res and low frame rate and then splitting and speeding up/down in a video editor like iMovie (sorry thats also iOS) if you want to get fancy

    -or getting an intervalometer (my Pentax k-5 has one built in) some times these are also marketed as stop motion video makers. The boy has made some Lego variants using stop motion movie studio (iOS but also on android) and it seems like it might suit your needs pretty easily.