Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Back to battery boxes.

Fitting all the batteries in without having exact dimensions on the motorbay and under the contoured rear seats is a challenge.  Everything is still subject to change, but here is where we are at.

1/3 of the original pack getting ready for disassembly.
We have learned that the individual modules need to be kept under compression during cycling to maximize longevity.  These modules should be squeezed to 1.33" per module.

Oui this is going to be fun to rewire...
We have not figured out why, but all black leads go to the intermediate connectors, and all purple leads to actual power connections.  The plates are different sizes so this end would be tough to do wrong.  We mapped the connector to the module connection location expecting the pins in the connector to be of minimum potential to the next pin.  That is not what we found.

Any suggestions on materials to use when we reconfigure to protect all the connections from shorting?

Rear battery box, 26 modules.
The cursor points to were we hope the contactor will fit.

Front boxes, 22 modules
The cursor points to where we hope to place the front contactor, heater relay and pre-charge circuit.
We are not happy with this yet, and are considering moving the DMOC forward to get another vertical stack of 12 above the motor.  We would then use the space over the DMOC for the contactors etc.

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  1. The Illini solar car team at UIUC was going to use PCB as a building component in their battery box. It's a very good insulator, is heat resistant, and pretty durable. It's something to consider depending on how you're planning on insulating the connections.