Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Motor mounted and delay explained

A little delay, but we have the motor, transmission, and DMOC mounted in the motorbay!

We had two incidents delay our progress for a little bit.  First a storm came through and took out multiple healthy trees in the neighborhood.  Our TV antenna was still attached to the house and reception was great for a distant PBS channel.

A little reinforcement in the attic with 4x4's.
The antenna may get folded in the future, but the attic and siding will stay.

Our next "quick" project was on the main car.  The trailer tire valve cut 1.5 miles from home with a load of pavers onboard.  I was offline at the time and a large portion of the load was put in the family station wagon.  The rear springs and jounce stops were not happy.  The springs took a permanent squat.  Just get new springs right?  We often have 4 and 5 in the car with gear in back so I decided to look for a slightly stiffer spring.  The VW springs are weight classified and given color codes.  The actual spring stiffness values are not listed.  Our code was 1 green dot, 2 brown dots "P".  Arghhh.  After several weeks I found a listing on a Russian website :) yeah!

 I went to the local recycle yard and drove across the scale.  Front axles 2020lbs, Rear axles 1440lbs, whole car 3460lbs, with a 143lb driver.  We now have new jounce stops and the 1 green/2 blue "AD" springs installed, the intermediate "T" springs were not available.  The back of the car came up an inch and looks much happier now.  Amazing how the eye can see an inch.  FYI, the 1BE springs are about an inch shorter than the 1BA springs.  Anyone need a set of used 1BA with a 1" set is them?

This has been a good exercise for us as the GOLF will need new springs to deal with the added battery weight.  I have not found the above charts for the GOLF spring colors and weights.  ANYONE have it?

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  1. Ouch! Maybe you should be more careful where you get your trailers...