Sunday, June 26, 2016

Will it fit?

We checked some measurements today before welding the motor mounts.
Ready to mate the tranny and motor.
Motor to frame isolation mount plate.

Motor and tranny mounted together and headed toward the motorbay.

Note the 1/4" gap between the motor plate my hand is on, and the frame of the car.  I told 'em it would fit.

  Oh, don't forget the torque reaction bar.
It was a good check, after aligning the motor and tranny back into the bay, the lower reaction bar mounting holes aligned to the tranny well.

Next step, Weld and bolt the angle iron to the motor mounting plate.  Weld the clutch disc to the motor spline coupler and put 58 screws in the clutch plate to give an RPM readout.

After that.

Working on the battery box for the front.  We need to get 22 modules in the front battery box.  The back box will hold 26 modules.

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