Thursday, May 26, 2016

General update

A couple of things are going on right now.

A. We have received the raw metal stock for mounting the motor.  We are checking and triple checking dimensions for the motor/transmission adapter plate.  We hope to water jet the OD, ID and many of the holes yet this week.  Then mill and tap the holes next week, and maybe get the motor boss machined next week too.

B.  The DMOC adapter controller is under construction and hopefully within the next few days we will get the DMOC programmed and spin the motor to confirm operation before mounting to the transmission.

C. We have been finding the wires in the car that need to be rerouted to the DMOC adapter for I/O
      Cruise control
      Brake pedal
      Fuel sensor
      Coolant temp
      Oil pressure
      Reverse lights
D.  We are trying to figure out the CAN bus addresses for several of the instrument panel lights.  HELP please!

I am trying to keep the inside of the car as stock functioning and looking as possible.
I am trying to integrate as many systems together as possible to prevent duplicate parts.

The BIG change; I am adding an adapter computer to control the motor, batteries, pumps (steering, cooling, vacuum, heater, A/C).

The adapter is fully programmable (C++) and can control the car via I/O analog, digital, and CAN. The dashboard in the car is CAN.

I plan to use the OEM road speed sensor, locks control, wiper control, radio, airbag control... through the OEM ECM.

I wish to transfer some new outputs from the adapter to the dash: My understanding is that I need to find all the addresses below so the adapter knows where to send the information.
I have looked at the schematic and removed from the list below all the direct non-CAN inputs. So I am looking for the addresses for the following lights in the dash.

to "analog" tach gauge: dial selectable output
      motor RPM
      current flow output/regen
to MFI digital display: dial selectable output:
      scrolling battery cell voltage readout
      charge rate
      pack total voltage
      other adapter outputs...
      regen mode state on/off
to cruise LED
      cruise state on/off
      EITHER ECM or adapter error
to brake system warning LED
      vacuum level warning
to glow plug LED
      charger still plugged in state
to oil level warning LED
      pack pre-charging state

Analog/Digital direct input required, i.e. non-CAN bus input
to fuel "analog" gauge
      battery charge state
to fuel low LED, this may be automatically triggered from within the instrument panel based on the        fuel gauge reading?
      battery low warning
to "analog" coolant temp gauge
      coolant temp, scale changed 30-90-150F I think. Instead of x-190-2xx? [Jetta, 97 says a 120ohm         resistor should read 90F]
to generator warning LED
      DC-DC convertor failure
to oil pressure warning
      adapter ready to drive signal, light out = ready to drive.

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