Sunday, April 3, 2016

Modeling the motor bay and parts in CAD.

We spent part o the weekend measuring the motor bay on the Golf, and modeling parts.  I anyone knows the actual dimensions for any of the parts, I am happy to share the finished CAD models with you after your dimension updates.

The thin orange slots you can see are the bottoms of the mounts that I will need to create an adapter plate to get up to.  The good news is it looks like it can be a flat plate on the end of the motor.

This is the rendition of the adapter plate so far, the thickness is not yet determined.  The red outline represents the motor, the orange represents the approximate CV joint location.  A bit more accurate measurement will need to occur, finding a flat spot on the transmission housing to measure from has proven challenging.  The good news is I can rotate the motor to get clearance, and then will need to build a tipped mounting plate for the back end of the motor and invertor.  Also included in the plate are a hole for the dowel pin on the motor, 2 holes for the through dowel pins from the transmission, counter bores for most of the bolt heads, and a central lip to align the plate to the motor housing.

Anyone with a set of accurate dimensions for a 2003 VW gas Golf or Jetta 5 speed watercooled transmission bell housing please speak up.

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