Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Another recycle yard run happened today.

400 miles, two cut tie-down straps, a smashed finger, and a check engine light later, we got home with a battery!

Add to the inventory, one Nissan Leaf 2013 Battery pack and the connectors to go with it.  Thank you to Wolftronix's extensive technical posts, and Kevin at for putting up with us while we figured out if the battery was still viable.  It is sitting at 3.90V ±0.05 per module.
P.S. they have the motor/inverter/transmission/charger assembly sitting in the warehouse now too if you need one, and its host Leaf still in the yard in pretty bad shape, but parts can be had...airbags were deployed.

Next task, connect the battery, motor, DMOC, and adapter together to make sure it all works before mounting in the car.

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