Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mate the transmission to the motor

I need to put these to pieces together.  Working from the inside outward.

Motor 24 tooth spline
Transmission 28 tooth spline

Spline coupler 24 teeth
Clutch disc plate 28 teeth
The plan is to cut out the center of the clutch plate and weld it to the spline coupler, Then cut the assembly to length.  BETTER SUGGESTIONS?

Then I need to create an adapter plate to connect the motor housing to the transmission housing.  At the same time I will drill and re-tap a stripped thread in the bottom of the transmission housing for the lower torsion mount to the frame connection.

The adapter plate needs to be of minimal thickness as the total assembly will just fit inside the engine bay.  The good part is the adapter plate that will go on the other end of the motor will be directly under the right engine mount making the connection very easy.

Both of these plates should have attachment points for the Azure controller to vibration mount to the motor/transmission assembly.

This phase of parts creation will be done in CAD.

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