Friday, March 25, 2016

3rd day of tear out.

Remember to open the fuel door, and roll up the windows before removing the power...

Today we removed the engine and several other components.  I am working on uploading a video of the engine removal, the phone was confused and the image is upside down...
The pile of parts grows, not the shifter lever
This picture is here as a tribute to a friend that had a '60's Mustang that I remember from childhood.  It was special because I could sit in the back seat and they would drive down the center of the road so I could see the center road striping through the shifter linkage.
A running 2003 VW Golf GL 2.0L engine for sale.  Thank you to Jim Sisco for the use of the hoist!
Plenty of space for a motor and batteries.
We won't have a shift lever in the car, but will be able to shift manually.

I hope to upload a video of the engine removal, but need to figure out how to flip it back upright first, the phone has it all upside down.

End of day three.

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