Monday, March 14, 2016

1st recycle yard visit

I combined a few trips together this weekend.  My wife needed to be in Columbus Ohio so I drove her to Columbus, then Friday morning stopped in at Wirthman Bros., Inc. auto recycle yard to get many small plastic pieces to bring the car back up to our standards.  Then I drove to Michigan Friday afternoon to pick up the motor, DMOC and many other EV parts pictured on the "Bulk parts find..." page. A visit to a recycle yard Saturday yielded nothing, I had called them from my home in Illinois earlier in the week to see if they had any cars that matched mine and was told they had several.  Upon arrival they did not know the difference between a VW BUG and a VW GOLF.  All the parts they pulled for me were from a Bug, very disappointing.  The yard actually had one Golf that was stripped clean and ready for the crusher.

From the Wirthman yard I was able to retrieve:

A radio, the local VW dealer confirmed my receipt from the yard and gave me the code at no charge.

A handful of fuses and relays, this one is or the DRL's

Plastic clips, bumpers, and seals for the hood

I got several locks so I can take the wafers out of several to get the proper combination to match the current keys I have.

Four fender well liners

Several dashboard switches to give control options for the EV.  Note the heated seat roll switches, we do not have heated seats, but there are 6 positions on each switch.  What do I want to use them for? Options considered so far:
1.  Since there will be no clutch, we could have the motor match gear speed by selecting the gear we wanted.
2.  We could use it to change the computer output display in the dash, how many outputs do we need?  Using both of them I can get 36 outputs.
3.  We could set regen values 0-5
4.  We could set max torque values
5  ??? You tell me, what do I want to be able to do on the EV?
6.  It also occurred to me that I could use the center hazard button to engage the hazards at the same time  as dropping the 12v to the invertor as my estop.  Good idea, bad idea?

The headlight switch including the foglight option

I stopped to see another friend along the trip and we spent some time in his garage.

There was another HUGE black car of this vintage but is was several feet longer and not convertible..

Sorry, there were another 4 that I spent too much time looking and forgot to get a picture.  One was HUGE and black from the early 50's is my guess.


  1. I usually drive in L (max regen on no throttle) It occured to me the other day I would be handy to have a button that would just coast.

  2. Coasting can be beneficial for the sake of efficiency (i.e. "hypermiling"). I sometimes wish I had the ability to toggle regen on/off on the fly.