Friday, February 26, 2016

It was a used Golf, long term purchase list.

We "need" very few parts, but would like some parts if they were low cost.

Needed parts:
  1. Lower rear plastic engine bay belly pan shield (to keep electronics dry)
  2. Engine bay rubber seal around the top of the engine bay. (to keep electronics dry)
  3. Hood closure bumpers, triangular in shape rubber that are on each side of the frame that keep the hood from vibrating while driving.
  4. MFI/MFD display control stick behind right side of steering wheel (usually same stick as wiper control)
  1. Fender well liners, all ours are broken
  2. Radio +harness, either double high, or single high with filler box, radio is missing
  3. Antenna exterior whip, base is still viable, whip is just missing.
  4. 1 hub cap to match ours
  5. Center panel push switches (hazard, defrost...I figure these will be used for something in the conversion)
  6. Hood sound insulation
Nice extras:
  1. Keys
  2. Mud flap
  3. Body chin spoiler, (not critical, we have one but it is cracked)
  4. Door lock cylinder so right door can be opened als
    1. 4 x 4 sets of new wafers to rekey car.  Can get from junked locks
  5. Headlights that are still clear, just saves us the time of buffing ours back clear.
You can see from the list, there is nothing critical here, so if these come up really cheap please let me know.

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