Friday, February 26, 2016

Donor car tear down plan

We hope to start the tear down of the donor car in a couple of weeks.  PLEASE fill in any blanks you can.

Video proof of life for the engine before doing anything

Spray all the nuts and bolts days ahead of time with liquid wrench

The exhaust system.
  1. Unbolt manifold from engine
  2. Unbolt everything else
  3. Remove heat shields
The fuel system
  1. Be sure primary car is low on fuel so there is someplace to drain the fuel tank into
  2. Drain and flush coolant from system  
    • interior thermostat control set to hot to allow full heat exchanger flush
  3. Remove battery from car.
    • Do we need any readings from the cars computers before we disable it?
    • CAN BUS code traffic for throttle pedal, cruise control, brake pedal...?
  4. Cut into fuel line and drain tank
  5. Disconnect fuel filler line from filler door hatch
  6. Unbolt filler/fuel/vent lines front to back
  7. Remove tank, charcoal canister, lines, pump, filter.
Front end removal
It is my understanding that removing the front end of the car is fairly simple and will tremendously aid in engine removal.
  1. We have no process for this yet, suggestions?
  2. Place cardboard  against radiators before working to protect
  3. Disconnect tranny cooling lines

Engine removal
We plan to keep and use the transmission.  But as I understand, it is easier to pull the engine and transmission together and then mate the tranny to the motor before putting them both back in together
  1. Drain the oil
  2. Drain the tranny
  3. Drain the power steering
  4. What to do with A/C?
  5. Remove air box lines
  6. Label all wires
  7. Disconnect all sensors, do I want any of them for the EV?
  8. Disconnect transmission clutch cable and shift linkages
  9. Disconnect axles and hang from frame
  10. Disconnect power steering pump lines from pump and seal.
  11. Disconnect tranny cooling lines
  12. Disconnect heat exchanger lines
  13. Connect engine to hoist
  14. Remove lower tranny torsion mount 
  15. Loosen engine mounting bolts and shake engine to look for other things still connected, check or engine balance on hoist.
  16. Tension hoist, continue to loosen engine mounting bolts, lift engine clear
Clean the engine bay
  1. Tightly seal  all hoses
  2. Bag all connectors
  3. Blast the snot out of it

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