Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bulk parts find, this will save some searching and matching time

Thanks to a new friend that has decided to have one less project on his platter and wanted to see the parts used, we can move forward more quickly.  The motor and controller are more powerful than what we need, but we are willing to suffer...

Thanks to Wolftronix for making the introduction.

Siemens motor, 1PV5135 4WS14 AC Induction Motor

Siemens motor splined coupler

Azure DMOC 645 Invertor

Brusa 513 charger
J1772 charge port to Brusa Cable.

Electric PS pump: Ford Pump Power Steering ??? Electric. Ford Pn. BG91-3K514-FC. : Used on Transit electric Used on Transit Connect Electric and Ford HEV'S. Azure Pn. 106401

Electric water pumps, large???

Electric water pump, small booster???

Wire harness for Transit Connect.

Shunt, do I need this with the Azure DMOC 645?, I guess I can use it for accessory power usage.

A/C compressor
Connect Electric and other Ford Applications. Azure Pn.105967
(3) CT’s

Vacuum pump???, Continental Vacuum Pump. Continental Pn. 03-7102.0433.4, Ford Pn. A426 C. :

Contactor and some LARGE fuses

Major parts still needed, 
DMOC 645 invertor adapter
DC-DC convertor for the regular 12V systems.

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