Saturday, February 27, 2016

Battery selection

I have been watching and reading
We will be looking for a Leaf battery pack.  This will put us well over the 30 miles needed and likely closer to 80 or better.

We will need to reconfigure the packs physical shape, but the the Azure DMOC 645 and Siemens motor should be a good volt and amperage match.

This project is not coming out as close to the needs spec as originally anticipated, but it is coming in well within budget and finding matching components has been the slowest part of the process since the initial donor car vehicle was purchased.

When in doubt build in stout...

I am working with a local recycle yard  to get a battery, or an entire Leaf to pull parts from.

Things to get with the pack:
  • Main safety fuses that are usually plugged into the top of it.
  • 2013 -2016 year, the BMS from a 2012 is different
  • The 24KWh pack, the 30 pack may not fit, and the BMS will be different
  • The wiring harness as much as possible
  • Pack with the internal heater signified by the 3rd external plug
  • Less than 30k miles on pack
  • NOT from a Southwest state as heat degrades the pack
In looking or packs I have found that in some states, (Illinois) you need to be a licensed dismantling agent to buy cars from a recycle yard, and in other states you do not.  You can buy from  those other states and have things shipped to Illinois though...

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  1. The local yard has not been able to get me a pack, any suggestions?